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Welcome to the electronic catalog Collie.
* * * Now in our database 25022 dogs. * * *

Our news:

  • 18.02.14 - Fixed bug reflect the elements of the page in google chrome, in case of detection of such errors, please write in our forum.

  • 12.02.14 - Running a new feature to add information to verify users moderators. Questions to ask on the forum.

  • 20.01.14 - Added country Thailand with the national flag National flag of Thailand .

  • 08.01.14 - Fixed bug in color, currently produces a correct reflection of the database - the tricolor.

  • 01.01.14 - Dear Visitors Happy New 2014 Year!

  • 31.12.13 - Added of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China. Added city of residence of the dog.

  • 22.12.13 - Directory moved to a new hosting, everything else remained unchanged.

We hope to bring together the most comprehensive information about Rough Collie worldwide. I'd like to this site and the electronic catalog was useful for all lovers of our wonderful breed.

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  We hope you will enjoy your visit to Rough Collie Pedigrees